Shugyo Aikido Dojo SPECIAL!!

Only $70 per month for unlimited classes!

Now offering special programs for kids!


We are here to teach you how to defend yourself.

No expensive contracts, no hidden fees.

You can pay by the month, and once you sign up your dues will never go up. If you want deeper discounts you can pay for 3/6/12 months, but we will never pressure you to do that. We don't believe in contracts: we believe in training. We are here to make you an outstanding martial artist who can defend yourself and your loved ones! Pure and simple. Live the dream and join people who are pure of heart and strong in mind, body, and spirit. Anyone age 6 to 70+ can join.

If you would like to join Shugyo Aikido Dojo, fill out the information below and Sensei James will respond to you very soon. You can also phone him at 510-205-4660.

You can join online by paying for just 1 month of training. You will be provided with a uniform and training materials when you join. Click here to get started.


** Develop Skills, Improve Fitness, Make Friends **

Students who train often become especially good and promote faster, and get to meet great martial artists, participate in seminars and events, and visit other schools. You will be welcomed into the international martial arts community, and find that you are quickly making many friends! Talk with Sensei to learn how this might work for you and to make an individually tailored plan for managing your fitness, progress, and martial arts development.

To contact Grandmaster James Neiman directly, please click here to send him an email. He will call or email you as you prefer.




Shugyo Aikido Dojo is located at 33511 Western Avenue, Union City, California 94587, and provides martial arts instruction in the Tri City area of Union City, Fremont, Newark, and Hayward.

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